You know it’s ladies night…

Over the weekend, I traveled with a group of girlfriends to stay overnight in San Francisco for a much needed girls night out.

Though throughout the week I was feeling drained from my new job, I was so happy I agreed to girls night because it was exactly what I needed.

My girlfriends picked me up from Novato around noon and we drove to San Francisco to stay at The Sir Francis Drake hotel. The room was a bit on the pricey side, but it felt nice to stay somewhere fancy for the night. Plus, the hotel was in walking distance of the shopping district (Union Square), great restaurants, and clubs. After getting settled into our room, we headed out for an afternoon of shopping. We shopped at two stores, but the stores were so large and packed with people, that we headed back to the hotel after a few hours.

After spending a few hours at the hotel room getting ready, we headed up to the top of the Sir Francis Drake to the Starlight Room for a cocktail, where I had the best lemon drop of my life.

When it was late enough to go out, we headed out to a few clubs nearby and danced till the midmorning. We had a great time dancing together, and even made a few new friends.

We collapsed into bed in the early morning, but woke up early the next morning to go to brunch at a cute, 50s style diner right across the street from our hotel.

Even though the city is only a mere half hour from my house, spending the night in a fancy hotel in the city truly felt like a vacation. It was such a great weekend with great friends, good food, and fun. By the time I returned home on Sunday afternoon, I felt rejuvenated.


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