A day in the sun

After our night out in the city over the weekend, someone suggested spending Sunday afternoon at the Russian River, a river that winds its way through Healdsburg (wine country) to the ocean.

We gathered a group of people together and headed out to the river around 1 p.m. The drive to the river winds through wine country, and we all commented on how lucky we are to live in an area that has easy access to the beach, river, wineries, San Francisco, great hiking, great food and more. Every day I feel blessed by my surroundings!

After parking we hiked down to the river and set up camp on the beach, underneath a few trees for shade.  We packed food and drinks, so everyone lounged, ate and chatted for awhile before getting in the water. The sun was out and the water was the perfect temperature.

It was the first time since summer began that I’ve really been able to spend a good amount of time outside, soaking up the sun. I loved every minute. We spent a few hours of lounging, swimming and throwing the frisbee for Jaime’s dog, Cooper.

I arrived home exhausted, but feeling like it had been a weekend well spent.


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