What Happens in Vegas…Gets a Blog Post

Last weekend I went to Las Vegas for the very first time to visit Sera, my best friend from Arizona. Sera recently moved to Vegas (that’s right, she actually.lives.in.Vegas) when her boyfriend’s job transferred him there. While it sounds like glitz and glamour at all hours of the day and night, living in Vegas has not been all it’s cracked up to be, and she’s been feeling rather lonely.

When she texted me asking if I wanted to come the next weekend, I jumped at my chance for an impromptu trip, and booked my ticket. I must say, I’ve never really understood the excitement surrounding Las Vegas. But I definitely noticed the buzz of infectious excitement the moment I stepped off the plane.

After chatting until 4 a.m. the night I arrived, we slept in and finally rolled out of bed around noon. Sera and I hit up the mall on the strip, and had a blast shopping together. We laughed when after trying our clothes on separately, we ended up choosing the same exact three items (a shirt, dress, and necklace, same color for every one). It reminded me how similar we really are even though we only see each other two or three times a year.

That night, we decided to avoid the strip and went to a wine tasting even on Lake Mead. Various vendors were set up outside of cute touristy shops that wound around the lake.

Excuse the shiny white faces! My camera phone apparently dislikes dimly lit indoor areas. After the wine tasting event we headed to an area near Sera’s apartment where the “locals” hang out. We stopped at Double Helix (a bar with a delicious white chocolate cocktail) and the Yard House before finally heading home.

The next day we headed to the strip. There may or may not have been plastic silver bulls filled with slushy margaritas involved. 😉 We walked up and down the strip and wandered through several famous hotels.

The above photo is the flower garden inside the Bellagio, absolutely beautiful! After walking a few miles, we stopped at the western bar and restaurant Gilley’s to refuel since it was a good place to “people watch.” The food wasn’t that pricey, but it was awful.  I definitely would not recommend this restaurant.

We were exhausted from walking several miles, so we headed back to her apartment to watch TV and zone out before my flight. I was so happy to get the chance to spend two uninterrupted days with my best friend and catch up on the past few months. Not only that, but Sera and her boyfriend were excellent hosts. I even had a gift waiting next to my bed when I arrived!

I’m sure I will be seeing Las Vegas again, very soon. 🙂


My Best

Last week I wrote about how wonderful it is to instantly click with a new friend. But this weekend I was reminded that there’s nothing quite like an old friendship that has withstood the test of time. A friendship in which, when you are reunited, you instantly fall back into the same level of comfort and affection you had before.

Sera and I met in the 7th grade. We had P.E. together, but it wasn’t until an ill-fated school dance when her boyfriend dumped her, and my crush was dancing with someone else that our “woe-is-me” thirteen-year-old eyes met across the room, and we bonded. It was a true meeting of the minds, something that remains true to this day. We practically lived at each others houses and for most of our adolescence, shared every detail of our lives with one another. We were so close, we even have identical scars on our ankles where we decided to bond our sisterhood through pain (a la Practical Magic, not our brightest idea in retrospect).

Though we’ve lived in different states for the past 6 years we’ve maintained one of the strongest friendships I have ever known. This is in part due to the fact that we have an intimate knowledge of each other’s strengths and flaws. We have watched each other succeed and fail with boys, family, alcohol, emotional trauma, school, finances, and more, with a willingness to see each other through each situation.

Though it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows, we’ve stuck it out. And managed to have quite a few shenanigans (< why does that word get better every time I use it?) in the process. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.