A New Friendship, and an Authentic St. Paddy’s Day

There’s nothing like meeting someone new and a friendship seems to develop effortlessly from your acquaintance. One day you’re shaking hands, and a few weeks down the road you’re sitting in pjs together on the couch, beer in hand, analyzing Jersey Shore.

My friend Maura started working at my company in early January and we have since become fast friends. It probably helped that two weeks after meeting one another, we had to share a hotel room for 5 days at a company trade show. Living in such close quarters helped us form a quick bond, and I have found myself more comfortable in her company than I have with some people I’ve known for years.

Last Saturday, we ventured to San Francisco for St. Paddy’s day with Maura’s boyfriend and our friend Emily. While St. Paddy’s day is always a blast, it was made even better by the fact that Maura is 100% Irish. She misses her friends and family back home, so St. Paddy’s day is her chance to feel at home in the U.S.

From left: Emily, myself and Maura.

We started the afternoon at the Irish Bank near Union Square, which was complete insanity. I asked Paul to take a picture of the crowd:

People crowded in the alley outside the Irish Bank as far as the eye can see! Luckily we were able to get our beers (in green bottles, no less) without much trouble. The highlight of the afternoon was when Maura was asked by the band to jump on stage to help sing “Back Home in Derry” seeing as she hails from County Derry and is a true Derry Lass!

It was great to experience something new, and the St. Paddy’s day excitement humming through San Francisco’s Union Square was infectious. It was even better to celebrate with a new friend!

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