A Beautiful Birthday

I turned 26 on Saturday. I’ve been so busy with work I’ve hardly had a moment to process the fact that I’m not in the “25 or less club” anymore (as someone so succinctly pointed out on my Facebook wall!).

My 25th year was one of my best despite the many challenges I faced, and I’m proud of what I was able to achieve. I rang in the arrival of 26 years by celebrating with close friends, and felt the love of friends and family far and near.

My friend Maura threw a get together for a few of our close friends from work:

We had a great time drinking cocktails, laughing, and eating a mound of sweets.

Two of my best friends (who were away for the actual day, but will celebrate with me when they return) left me cupcakes, which were delicious.

My parents and closest friends from Arizona called to sing me “Happy Birthday” and even made a cake to eat in my honor.

Even though getting older is often slightly depressing, I appreciate the fact that birthdays remind me that the people I love love me back. I was stunned and humbled by the reminder that there are so many people in the world who care about me, and go out of their way to express it. In the past, I’ve often felt empty on my birthdays, sad at the idea of getting older. But when Saturday ended, I went to bed feeling fulfilled and happier than ever before.

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