2012 “Weigh In”

As 2011 came to an end, I promised myself that 2012 would not just be better than my so-so 2011, but that 2012 would kick ass. I truly believe that a large part of reaching goals stems from holding yourself accountable instead of letting yourself off easy.

That’s why instead of an end of the year re-cap this December chronicling what I could have done better, I’d like to have a monthly “weigh in” if you will. This weigh in is meant to check my progress and keep me motivated.

So here’s how January stacks up. January was a crazy month, work-wise. Not only did I step into a new position that involves getting to know several client accounts, but I planned and attended my company’s biggest trade show of the year. It was exciting. But it was also stressful. I found it difficult to find the balance amidst new life changes. Not only that, but I let myself down on one of my biggest goals: to keep blogging.

On the bright side, I got a yoga mat.

I even used said mat. Whenever I could, I did yoga in my room for 20 minutes. One time, I even got my booty to yoga class.

I hiked more, and took Harrison out for walks more often.

I didn’t save as much money as I’d like, but I did put a large effort into using the money I spend to spending money to make my apartment an enjoyable environment. 

I’m trying to recreate the above picture from pinterest in my room. For too long, I’ve put absolutely zero effort into making my room comfortable. I’ve noticed that the more effort I’ve put into making my room a space I enjoy, the more I find myself wanting to hang out at home instead of going out.

Work-wise, I’ve gone into my new position at full force. Even if I’m less than 100% successful, I know that I’ve put every ounce of effort possible into making my position succeed, and that’s a good feeling. I also started my class, and am enjoying it so much. I love having the week broken up, and learning about a fascinating topic.

Overall, even if I didn’t reach every single specific goal I set, I think I did well in I think I did well in consciously creating changes in my life. And that, after all, was my biggest goal of all.



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