A Quick Vacation Home

The Friday before Christmas, I finished my last day of work for ten days and flew to Arizona to see my family. I scheduled a 4-day trip because I wanted to have time to come home and get errands and house projects done before taking another trip to Monterey last weekend.

I love going home to visit Arizona family and friends but my trips always feel somewhat rushed. Not only do I need to spend quality time with my parents, but my visits to Arizona are some of the only times I get to spend with some of my best friends who I’ve known since Elementary School.

The morning after I arrived, my parents and I headed to the house of our family friends who we have known since I was in kindergarten. We had a great time eating a wonderful meal and playing with the new addition to the family–kitty Stig (named after Top Gear). Allison and Stig:

Isn’t he adorable? I’ve always been more of a dog person, but baby Stig was so cute I was tempted to smuggle him home in my purse. He’s so small he would have fit juuustt fiiinnneee.

I spent the rest of my vacation hanging around the Christmas tree, drinking hot cocoa and eating popcorn with my family and running around visiting friends. It was lovely to see everyone, but I missed Harrison terribly and couldn’t wait to return home to my own bed!

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