A Warm Christmas

After I moved from Arizona to California, I spent a few years saying “No,  I’m not actually a Californian. I’m from Arizona.” I spent close to 20 years there, and my family and closest friends still lived there. I identified with the sparse, dry beauty of the desert, and even found the lush greenery of California unsettling and chaotic at times.

Over the years, I became very appreciative of all the unique beauty and activities California has to offer. I love being a short drive from the NorCal coast, San Francisco and the Napa Valley Vineyards.

The view from Coit Tower, San Francisco.

Miles and miles of beautiful coastline, no humans in sight.

Lately I’ve realized that my view of “home” has shifted. Now, I view California as “my place,” the place I belong. With that said, I can’t wait to fly to Arizona tonight and visit loved ones, see the cacti and mountains and enjoy a very warm Christmas.






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