Life at a Frenzied Pace

My workplace is generous enough to offer the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off  for all employees. For months I’ve been looking forward to 8 straight days of peace and quiet, but as the time approaches I seem to be pushing more and more undone tasks into my vacation. Between Christmas shopping, flying home for holidays, hanging out with much neglected friends, running errands and a getaway trip with the boy, my 8 days straight has turned into…er…a day and a half.

So amidst all the frenzy, my challenges to myself are twofold:

First I want to enjoy the quality time spent with each of the people I love without worrying about future plans.

With the boy

With my friend Steph and her adorable family

With my childhood best, Allison 🙂

Second I want to create quality time with myself  for reflection and relaxation. This will include a lot of this:

Book reading

Puppy snuggling

My goal is to start 2012 relaxed and happy even amid a frenzied pace.



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