A Better 2012 Starts Early

The last year has been, in no uncertain terms, turbulent. As I made large decisions in my life, I was faced with the stress of major life changes. I struggled to find the path I’m “meant” to be on and settled on “good enough for now” to pay the bills. The uncertainty, stress and lack of direction joined together to become a large obstacle, both mentally and emotionally.

Until a morning when I woke up and thought “Today will be different. I will make today different.”

I want more of this in my life:



Living in the moment

This blog will document my journey to a better 2012. As a 25-year-old woman who has struggled to settle into a happy adult life, this blog chronicles my journey to find balance in a natural, healthy way. And what better time than 2012 to begin?

I look forward to sharing my path to a happy life through healthy activities and lifestyle choices.

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